Faladdin is an application specialized in fortune telling and astrology that develops content created by real fortune tellers. It combines the coffee cup photos you send us with the information you have shared with us to present customized readings special for you.
The new fortune reading credit that is loaded after 24 hours following a fortune told, is specific to that device. The counter will not change when you log in with a different account on the same device. The person who wants to have their fortune told may download the app to their own device and send their fortune request with their personal information.
Sometimes, objects and events that appear in fortunes may be valid for someone else too and, even though it is rare, Faladdin may express such situations by using the same sentences. We are very sorry for this situation, and we would like you to know that we are improving ourselves each passing day.
If you take the same coffee cup to a famous fortune-teller every day without washing it, believe us that they will also give you different interpretations each time they look at it. Fortune telling is not only about the cup, but it also depends on the shapes and the interpreter’s energy on that day.
We advise you to submit your own coffee cup photo each time. If you take and submit a cup photo from somewhere else, you will be muddling the predictions about you and all that is written in the fortune reading will not be about you.
Promo Code is a gift we offer to our followers at special events, social media giveaways, and competitions. With the Promo Code, you can redeem gifted credits and Premium membership for your account. You can access it from both the website and from the app through this link.
Faladdin is an app that is specialized in fortune telling and astrology, and it has only recently started to provide its services in Spanish. At first, only the daily horoscope and The Genie products are offered in Spanish. In the near future, we will also start to offer our Tarot and Clairvoyance products in Spanish. Until then, we wanted to offer these services in English for our users who wish to get Tarot and Clairvoyance readings as well.
Faladdin Premium is a program that offers various privileges to our users. Premium members do not see any ads on Faladdin. Moreover, all their readings are interpreted faster, their daily free fortune reading credits are refreshed every 8 hours instead of 24 hours, and they gain 1 extra credit everyday.
Unless it is cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the free trial period, the Premium membership fee for the selected membership period is automatically charged at the price that is stated on the pop-up payment screen of the app stores and/or on the payment page.
You can cancel your Premium membership trial subscription from your account settings of the App Store any time you wish. You can manage your subscription processes yourself any way you wish. To learn how to manage your subscriptions, you can visit the support pages of the App Stores. You can go through with the refund processes for any of the subscriptions that you have purchased and that meet the refund conditions by following the App Store instructions directly.
To be able to offer you a sustainable and high-quality product/service, and for you to be able to use Faladdin free of charge we put ads in our app. Every day you get one free credit for each kind of fortune reading. Now, on the new app, you can submit your daily fortune request quickly, and when your fortune reading is ready you can view it by either watching an ad or using your current credit. Other than this, to speed up your reading or to reload your daily fortune reading credit, you can choose the option to watch an ad as well.
With the renewal of the app, we made some changes in our service policy to elevate your experience to a higher level. Previously, you could submit your fortune request by watching an ad or with your current credit balance. On the new app, we offer you this step when your reading is ready. Right before you view your fortune reading, you are offered the option of using your credit or watching an ad to continue. Other than that, there are no changes to your rights.
You can get your daily fortune reading by using your current credit balance or purchasing credit from the store. With the new app, you can submit your daily fortune request quickly, and when your reading is ready you can view it by either watching an ad or using your current credit. Just like before, you will be charged 1 credit for each new fortune reading. Meanwhile, if you want to view your fortune reading quickly without having to wait, you can speed up your reading by paying 0.5 credits.
With the new app, you can send your daily fortune reading request directly. But in case you haven’t viewed the fortune you had already submitted and you don’t have enough credits for you to be able to submit a new one, the “You Have Unread Fortune Readings” warning will pop up when you try to request a fortune reading again. After you view your unread fortunes in your inbox, you can submit a new one if you wish.
With the renewal of the app, we have made some changes to our service policy. But no changes were made to fortune reading fees or free fortune reading credits. As always, you can get your fortune reading by viewing an ad or using 1 credit if you wish. For this, you do not have to be a Premium member, but we do recommend you to check out the Premium privileges from the related page.
Right after you view your fortune by using your daily fortune reading credit, you can see the remaining time until you get your next daily credit by clicking the related fortune reading product. If you have any credit on your account, since you already can submit a new fortune reading request with your current credit, you can not see the counter at this point. To be able to inform you in such a case, we have added another field to the reading screen where the counter that shows the time remaining to your free credit will appear before each new fortune you submit using your credit.
You can send us your account deletion request from the contact section on the app. Once you delete your account, you will not be able to recover or access your deleted account. If you approve the deletion request with this in mind, your account will be deleted. At the same time, we would really appreciate it if you share with us the reasons for your account deletion request so that we can improve ourselves and give you, our dear users, a better service.
Of course, it is required by law to comply with the Personal Data Protection Law. This regulation is for the protection and security of your personal data. Since Faladdin is an app released before this regulation, old and new, all of our users are subject to this act by law. Our app can not acquire any information without your knowledge. All the information you have shared with our app is under guarantee within the scope of Personal Data Protection Law. If you have any questions, you can contact us via kvkk@faladdin.com.
Faladdin can by no means reach your phone number, your conversations, your messages, or any personal information without your knowledge and consent. This is unethical and not possible by both law and technology. Faladdin is an app that complies 100% with the Personal Data Protection Law, and takes privacy and transparency as principle. Faladdin generates the readings only within the light of the information you have shared on the profile page.

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